Beautiful Bali

I visited Bali in January 2016 with my husband.ย It was a very memorable and mesmerizing experience. Being a wet season we missed out on Mount Batur – an active volcano in the heart of Bali. But all the places that we did get to visit were a treat to the eyes.

When to visit and for how long?

If I have to describe Bali in one word it would be “Serene”. It is such a calming experience, you are surely going to leave relaxed and at peace. There is plenty to see and plenty to do. I was there for 7 nights & 8 days. Exploring around you may find many reviews and comments saying that 5 days would be enough, but trust me even 7 days are going to seem less to explore this beautiful island. I would suggest 7-8 days for the visit. This would give you a nice mix of sightseeing, activities, and de-stressing at a resort.

The best time to visit Bali is in the dry season that is March-October, the peak time being July-August. It is best to avoid the peak season as there would be a heavy crowd and everything would be expensive. Go for Feb-April to get cheaper deals.

Must visit places

My trip was laced with some gorgeous locations that would stay with me for a long time. I managed to touch three main areas in Bali.


One of the first tourist attractions in Bali, this is majorly a town with commercial hubs and beaches. Places not to be missed here are –
1. Potato Beach Head Club – Head out to this gem of a place during mid-afternoon. It has an infinity swimming pool right next to the private beach with open areas to just laze around and enjoy the music and food.

Potato Head Beach Club

Getting a place to sit is really hard here so come well in advance and prepare to spend 3-4 hours here. Do remember to take your swimwear along.

Sunset at Potato Head

2. Ulluwatuย Temple – This is right on the southern tip of Bali. Witness the crashing waves of the Indian Ocean along the walls rocks of the temple here, you may even get soaked completely by them once you reach the depths of the temple.

Views of the Indian Ocean at Ulluwatu Temple

Do not miss the Kecak dance form here. It’s a rendition of the Ramayana – a Hindu mythology epic. Men and boys chant and sing together, the only music to
accompany the dance re-enactment. Quite an enjoyable experience ๐Ÿ™‚

3. Tanah Lot – the Sunset Templeย – Rock formations over the sea with a temple atop. A must seeย for the photography enthusiasts. This place is famous as the Sunset Temple because of the splendid visuals it offers during the evening. One of the most photographed places in Bali.

Tanah Lot Sea Temple. Credits –

4. Legion Street – Venture here to witness the nightlifeย in the many clubs and restaurants open here. You may also find a few sports bars here with many a sweet deal. Beware of the street vendors though.


This is a beautiful district surrounded by a dense forest and rice paddies. It underlines the spirit of Bali – serene, artful, beautiful. You will find most of theย resorts here in all budget ranges. It’s a place for relaxation, taking in and enjoying the silence and serenity around you. You will also find great works on the streets and shops of artisans. Things to do in Ubud –
1. Celuk Village – Home of local silversmiths and goldsmiths. You will get to see a wide variety of gold and silver crafts here.
2. Batuan Village – Famous for its artwork and unique techniques of painting (Batuan Painting),ย this village is a major painting center and contains a number of art galleries and cooperative art societies.
3. Goa Gajah (Elephant Caves)ย – This place is a visual delight. Its main attractions are the relic-filled walls and the central intricately carved cave.

The intricate Elephant Caves, Goa Gajah

A flight of steps takes you down to the main grounds. There are a few more exploration paths that lead you to small water springs and ponds, passing the beautifully preserved flora.

Goa Gajah’s hidden treasures
Goa Gajah

Since it is a temple, shorts and revealing clothes are not allowed. But don’t worry if you are not in the right attire because you would be provided with a wrap that you can wear with ease, like the one in the above picture. Yes, it’s not a skirt ๐Ÿ˜‰

Intertwined beauty at Goa Gajah

An hour is the most that you would be spending here.
Also linking the above picture for this wonderful Daily Post prompt:ย Out of this World!


This is known as the lake district of Bali. It is situated at a high altitude with lakes nestled amongst mountains, it makes for one of the most beautiful places in Bali. Visit the Danau Beratan lake here. It’s the more beautiful of the two lakes in this area.

Beratan lake, Bedugul, bali
Danau Beratan, Bedugul

There’re long grounds under a clear sky with no commercial buildings to hamper the view. Lie down on the grounds and take in the beauty around you.ย You can also hire a boat to wander in the lake or take a ride on the speed boat if you wish. There’s another small temple inside the area.

Ours was not an adventure trip, rather a laid back and relaxed itinerary. If thrillย and adventure are what you seek, then there are many water activities available in the Northern Bali, along with dolphin sighting etc.

Where to stay?

We stayed at two accommodations. In Kuta, we stayed in the Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. Would recommend it for its luxurious setting, lovely pool area, a king’s spread in breakfast and lavish rooms. They also have an in-house bar and shopping complex right next to the entrance. The hotel is right in front of Kuta beach and in walking distance from Kuta Square.

In Ubud, we chose a villa in Ubud Village & Resort and Spa.ย It was a delight to stay there, the breakfast was very delicious and very different. They also served an afternoon tea with light snacks. Other facilities included a pool table as well as table tennis.
A resort villa is one thing that is not to be missed in Bali. There are numerous options available for all sorts of budget ranges. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Ubud Village & Resorts. Credits –


Bali Specials

  1. Balinese Coffee or Kopi
  2. Balinese Massage or Spa
  3. Mi Goreng – Fried noodles with Prawn crackers!!


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  1. I was studying in Bali. and I agree with you, bali is beautiful. I also have a favorite place that I always visit here that is “Kelan Beach”. because the beach is close to the airport and I like to see the sea water that accompanied the plane taking off haha. many photographers hunting photographs of planes on that beach

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  2. You’re so right – Bali calms your mind and gives you inner peace ๐Ÿ˜ It gave me so much great experiences and memories and I really want to go there again. We’ve been there in September and had many sights almost for our own – even at the Mother Temple Pura Besakih have been more Balinese people than tourists. If you’re interested in my experiences in Bali, I’d be happy if you check out my latest post ๐Ÿ™‚

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